About Shelby

Hi! I’m Shelby; creator of Tamed Wild & the woman behind the Instagram @themoonincarolina. I am a Cancer Sun, Libra Moon & Leo Rising. I live in a 100 year old historical inn (turned private residence) in the Appalachian Mountains with my husband & daughter. (Our grown son lives in California!)

I am a reader of Tarot & Astrology and a Certified Past Life Regression (PLR) Hypnotherapist by the American Hypnosis Association. I am currently in the process of obtaining my PCC Certification through ICF in Jungian & Holistic Life Coaching. I studied with the Astrology University for a year and a half under astrology goddess, Kelly Surtees, as well as other master astrologers in their program. I continue to take courses weekly. My Hypnosis studies have been with Virginia Waldron and the NGH Certification program and the AHA.

My tarot journey began a decade ago when I had my first reading, however it wasn’t until 7 years ago that I truly dedicated myself to becoming a student of the craft.

My connection with the cards, the cosmos & the sub consciousness has created a world of possibility and has provided valuable guidance in my personal and professional life. Consulting with the Divine via these modalities not only allows us to receive messages we may have otherwise missed; it also allows us to grab a glimpse into future possibilities and course correct as needed.

My path as a Holistic Business Coach began before I knew it, when I first became an entrepreneur 20 years ago. My first business venture was at 19 when I became an event & wedding planner in the San Francisco Bay Area. These were the days of yellow page ads, postcard marketing and door flyers; pre internet & the digital world. From there I would become a professional event planner in San Diego working with clients like Fedex/Kinkos & the PGA Tours. After becoming a mother, I wanted something more flexible with less travel & so I enrolled in cosmetology school. Over the years that followed, I built hair salons, skincare salons, clothing stores, a women's gym and eventually, a little apothecary called Tamed Wild.

Little did I know as I navigated the waters of being a being a self employed woman, I would be learning and building the foundations of the coaching program I am offering today. 20+ years of experience has taught me what to do, what not to do, shortcuts to take and where to dig in. I have built 7 figure businesses that continue to grow and flourish and I am excited to share this knowledge with my clients. 

A mystic to the core, I check in regularly with the cosmos and messages in the cards. Regular tarot guidance partnered with astrology is a powerful tool for harnessing the current cosmic weather & energies. Together, they work as ancient lovers who have lived many lifetimes in each other others company; they know each other well. Combined with shadow work & past life journeys, they are a force to be reckoned with. When used wisely & regularly, these modalities can be a powerful tool for manifesting your path.

As a Business Coach, I guide with these modalities as well as my experience in building successful and profitable businesses. I believe the only way to grow in any area of life is to approach from a holistic perspective and examine as a whole. That is what my program does. Learn more about my methods, here. 

When choosing a reader, practitioner or coach it is important to find someone you connect & align with. Before booking, please feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have about me or my approach to these spiritual modalities.

I appreciate your presence on this site and wish you the best in your journey!

xo, Shelby