Mixed Boxes

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As owner and main photographer for Tamed Wild and North of Stella, I have collected a massive amount of items that have been accumulating in my space. In the spirit of moving houses,I am clearing out my photo studio, home areas, refreshing my altar tools and going through my book & vintage collections. These boxes are a "grab bag" of items and may include any of the following:

Altar Cloth- 1 in every box

Tarot Bags


Enamel Pins

Jewelry- At least 2-3 pieces in each box

Pendulum- 1 in every box

Books (Some very used, some brand new)


USED Altar Tools of mine personally, (burn bowls, herb mixing cups, etc)

NEW Altar Tools- Cauldrons, burn bowls, etc

Crystals & Stones- Some small clusters, some bags of mixed stones, towers & points

Herbs & Teas (un-used, of course)

Wooden Boxes


Selenite Wands

Random Items- I collect weird things and get on kicks, so there will be some random items that will make you think "Why is this in here?" Just accept it or gift it, I don't know why I'm like this.

These boxes are a mix of items. The items inside exceed the price if they were to be sold on Tamed Wild or North of Stella or bought at a like retail store.

All sales are FINAL and I will not be taking returns. 

Mixed Boxes

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