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Tarot Readings

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Tarot Readings are a sacred and powerful form of divination. In a tarot session we can communicate with our guides and higher selves and receive insight to our current path and life. Consistant readings work as a road map, guiding us through lifes peaks and valleys with encouraging words and warnings when called for.

Readings are a collaborative process between you, I and the divine and it is important to honor all three of these connections.

Readings will be done via zoom or in my studio in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Once booked, I will reach out via email to schedule a time for our session.

Reading types offered:

One Card Pull- $45: The simplest reading available, this one card spread gives direct insight to your question via one single card. (20 minute session)

Past, Present, Future- $70: This three card spread looks into a situation or question in the terms of where it was, where its at and where it is heading. By examining all three time frames we are able to see the life of the matter more clearly and gain insight into its purpose in our lives. (45 minute session)

Love & Relationships $95: Pulling a minimum of 6 cards, this spread is ideal for taking a deeper look into a current relationship, learning how/where to find a compatible partner or taking a peek at the future outlook of your relationship prospects. (45 minute  session)

The Year Ahead- $125: This spread is popular for New Years Eve readings however it can be done at any time of the year. By pulling a total of 13 cards, we are able to assign a card to each month in the year ahead and create a snapshot of the possible challenges and accomplishments that lie ahead. 13th card is pulled as a “Message from Spirit." (75 minute session)

Birthday Spread- $125: This spread uses 13 cards to check into each aspect of your life at the point of turning another year older. Touching on all major life topics, this reading will give you a thorough look at the energies you are leaving behind and the path you are embarking on as you take this next step in life. (75 minute session)

Celtic Cross Situational- $125: One of the oldest spreads known, this configuration of cards examines a situation or question from all angles; creating a thorough interpretation of the current situation along with possible outcomes. (75 minute session)

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