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The Journal

Tarot: The Fool

Card zero in traditional tarot is always The Fool. The typical depiction is a person and an animal companion joyfully walking toward the edge of a cliff. The person is carrying all of their earthly belongings with them and is off to start a new adventure. It’s beautiful and exciting, fresh and new. The Fool is so engrossed in their new idea, venture, or exploration that they are not closely watching their steps...

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Bankruptcy, Borrowing & Talking to the Universe

It was 2008. The kids were small, (5 & under 1) and my husband and I were newlyweds. We were in a recession and money was scarce. He had just gotten through serving 8 years in the military and I had just gotten out of beauty school. We had decided earlier that year, (before we realized the magnitude of the decision) that we were both going to chase our dreams and become entrepreneurs...

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The Moon in Cancer

After her stay in Mercury's house of Gemini, the Moon travels on. She leaves the bustling city streets, passes through small towns, and sets off on a dirt path. Weaving her way through thick trees and overgrown ferns, she finds herself standing at the doorstep of her little cottage. Situated peacefully next to a rushing river, the only sounds she can hear in this place are the moving water, the chirping of birds, and her own thoughts. She is finally home...

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