Coaching & Consulting

The Holistic Business program is designed to meet you where are at in your business, regardless of how far along that is. From idea phase to re-evaluation of current operations, this program was created to support you in creating the business success you deserve. Here are a few FAQ:

Explain what you mean by "Coaching & Consulting" in your program:

Coaching is designed to support you in creating your own growth by providing space, conversation and partnership. In the coaching container, I am here to walk through your business with you and support you in making changes for sustainable growth.

Consulting is designed to provided needed expertise to propel growth. In the consulting space, I provide guidelines, suggestions and tools that have proven to be useful in business models like yours. 

My program is a hybrid of coaching & consulting, with the priority always being the self sufficiency of the entrepreneur and long term holistic change. These differences will be discussed in more depth during our onboarding call & the program will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

What does the program entail?

This program is a 12 week step by step process that looks at you and your business through a holistic lens. With weekly private sessions, we work through the 12 areas of your business that create a solid foundation and a path for growth and success. Along with weekly 1:1 meetings, you are given program materials, email support, video downloads, astrological guidance and other cosmic resources useful for the spiritual entrepreneur. 

What is the weekly time commitment?

Our private sessions will run between 60-75 minutes and will be scheduled once per week. You will be given "homework" each week that will pertain to your business and will most likely be worked into your normal working hours. Plan on 3 hours per week outside of our calls to dedicate to the program.

What spiritual modalities are used in your program?

As a Holistic Coach, I believe in the power of success through hard work, manifesting, shadow work, cosmic & spiritual support. What does this look like in a business coaching program? It looks like this:

-Working with astrological timing to create business growth and success.

-Looking at our successes and failures closely and learning from them.

-Meeting our insecurities with grace & understanding, then working to overcome them.

-Employing the power of our thoughts, conversations and words for business growth. Manifesting is real, words are spells. 

-Checking in with the divine through tarot & meditation, staying clear on our path & purpose.

What types of businesses do you work with?

My clients are entrepreneurs who work within the spiritual and holistic sectors. This can include shop owners and brand creators, product manufacturers, service providers, (tarot/astrology readers, mediums, social media managers, content creators), yoga and meditation instructors, hypnosis practitioners, etc. My program is designed to provide support to those who are called to the magickal corners of commerce.

Why choose you?

In a nutshell, business is what I am good at. Really good, actually. I was born into a generational entrepreneurial family and was always supported and encouraged to start my own thing, and follow my dreams. It was never "what job are you wanting to do when you grow up" as much as it was "what business are you going to open?" I spent my childhood watching my mom and grandfather operate their businesses, working in their offices and helping them organize their filing cabinets. I learned young that freedom of time came with entrepreneurship, along with late nights and working long hours. I learned that more money could be made with business ownership than working for someone else; but also that less could be made as well. I learned it was hard, but it was worth it.

Fast forward 20 years & I have owned multiple businesses in various sectors. I've found success and filed bankruptcy, (almost twice, actually) I've built businesses and sold them and then built more. I've invested in stocks and real estate and learned much about myself along the way. I've learned that the most important aspect of any endeavor is balance, and a business or entrepreneur out of balance cannot succeed. Change and success must be built on a strong foundation, and that is what my program is designed to help you create.

What does it cost?

Pricing and packages will be discussed during discovery calls. I know what it's like to be a budding business on a budget and have structured my packages with flexibility in mind. I recognize that programs like this can have an elite-ness or unattainability feeling attached to them, and my goal is to make it accessible. Coaching is a valuable investment in yourself & in your business; one that you will never regret making.

Limited client spaces are available. Click here if you'd like to schedule a discovery call to hear more about the program & explore if I am the right coach for you.