Courses & Coaching: Available 11/2023

The Holistic Business Course is a comprehensive program that walks you through all the main aspects of starting, revamping, or growing your business. Created for budding, new, or existing businesses looking to evolve, this course and connected community provides you with valuable tools, perspective, and support to help you manifest and monetize your dream business or career. 

This course & coaching package is offered in two different modalities:

This course contains instant access to 12 Video Modules with over 4 hours of Business Coaching Content.

Content topics include:

-Branding & Visual 

-Finances & Costing

-Verbiage, Website Design & Photography

-Marketing, Communications & Social Media

- Employees & Contractors

- Community and Collaborations

-Shadow Work & Business Ownership

-Growth & Expansion in Business

+ Much More!

Course Cost: $495

(Payment Plans Available)

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The Live Cohorts include everything in the Self-Paced Study program along with live meetings & personal coaching. In addition to the video modules & community access, cohort members receive:

Weekly Meetings: 90-minute gatherings to go over course content in depth, expand on the topics, and discuss our personal ventures.

90 Minutes of Individual Coaching: Each member will receive 90 minutes of personal coaching time with Shelby, to be used over two sessions. Sessions can be used for personal and business coaching or astrology readings.

Each cohort is limited to 10 people to ensure attention is given to each member.

Upcoming Cohort Dates:

Cohort #1: November 28th - January 2, Tuesdays at 1pm EST

Cohort #2: January 11th - February 15th, Thursdays at 1pm EST

Course Cost: $1,200

(Payment Plans Available)


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Community Access

Course members also receive 60 days of access to our 2 Online Communities:

-Business Coaching Community: This community is limited to those who have taken the Holistic Business Course. Within the community, we have active discussions on the course & its content. Members get exclusive online group coaching from Shelby and her team by way of private message boards and discussions.

-10th House Rising Community: This space is for anyone who wishes to learn, inspire and manifest together. Within this community, we support each other, share ideas, share what works, and connect regularly to keep each other on track. Shelby & her team actively participate in multiple discussion boards centered around topics including business, astrology, financial growth, manifesting and more.