Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a guided journey into your subconscious mind and into another part of your souls journey. Using Hypnotherapy techniques, guided imagery & relaxation deepening methods, we are able to guide a person into a light trance state where they are then able to "remember" their past lives. This method of inner work provides us with access to our past selves, higher selves and sub conscious minds. It is within this state that we are able to tap into memories, images, feelings, and events that have shaped our soul into who we are in our current incarnation. This work can be beneficial for those who are looking to understand any of life's current struggles, personal characteristics or tendencies, and synchronicities that are present in this existence.

What does a PLR session look like?

PLR sessions can take place in person or via zoom. My studio is located in Hendersonville, NC. The session begins with a conversation discussing the reason for your visit, your intention for the session and expectations. During this time I will answer any questions you may have and ensure you are comfortable moving forward.

Hypnosis is best performed while you are laying or reclined in a comfortable chair or couch. The bed in your bedroom is discouraged as it is a place we associate with sleep, which is level of unconscious that is not conducive to our session. 

Once you are comfortable, we begin the session. Using words and guided imagery, your mind will quiet and your body will relax into a state of hypnosis. It is there that the past life(s) are accessed and the work begins.

After our walk down memory lane, you will come out of the hypnotic state and back to the present. We will spend some time discussing your experience, any events or imagery you saw and how it relates to this incarnation and your intention for the session.

Our meeting will last 2 hours in duration.

What if I don't believe in past lives?

You do not need to believe in past lives or reincarnation for this work to be beneficial. The purpose of the sessions are to access your higher self, your guides, and to learn about your souls journey. Why do you have a constant fear of flying that is irrational and unfounded? Why do you feel so connected to a person you've only met once? Why do you feel so drawn to Scotland, even though you have never been there?

These questions have answers that only your higher self can answer, and the answers come in the form of imagery, scents, sounds, feelings, hunches, voices and intuition. Is it a past life memory or is it your guides showing you the answer? Is it your unconscious coming forward in a way you can receive it, or is it a memory of a life event from 1564? It does not matter, the message is where the healing lies. Regression Hypnotherapy is how we access it.

What if it doesn't "work" on me?

This is a concern of many people, myself included, when I started this journey. The answer is simple. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to have this experience. Your experience is correct. Some people are able to see entire scenes and describe them down to incredible detail, while others receive no imagery at all. Some messages come in the form of gut feeling and intuition, others in the form of scents and sounds. Whatever your experience is, that is what was meant for you and there is value in it. With that said, hypnosis is a modality that grows stronger with practice and your ability can be honed with regular meditation.

Will I experience a memory of my death or other traumatic events?

Many people experiencing their past live memories will encounter a death or other traumatic event. While this sounds terrifying, it is not experienced in the way you would imagine it in your current life. Past Life memories come across like your watching a movie. You can be actively engaged, feel sorrow and sadness for the characters; but not the pain itself. Your mind is aware that what you are "experiencing" is not reality and that you safe. You are always in control during any hypnosis session and can "wake up" at will. Before your session, we will discuss how you would like to handle any potential triggering events or memories that come through, and I will follow through with your wishes. (ie: stopping the session, continuing on, redirecting to another event)

What "results" can I expect from our session?

There are various results that can be expected with a PLR session and yours will depend on your intent & ability/desire to do the work. Past life regression work is a close relative to the "Shadow Work" pioneered by Carl Jung, in the sense that it is up to you to do the digging. My job as your practitioner is to guide you to the place where the answers lie, it is up to you to open the door and walk through it. With that said, results that have been experienced include:

-Deeper understanding of yourself and current incarnation

-Clarity on nagging questions or things that you do not understand about this life.

-Meeting of your "soul family" and recognizing who they are in your current life.

-Breaking free of emotional or mental blockages that have held you back from living fully

-Feelings of motivation, ambition and the desire to create. Levelled up inspiration. 

-Releasing of fears and uneasiness surrounding topics that affect your life

-Lessen the fear of death & alleviate deep grief by gaining the perspective that we are eternal, and we will meet again. 

The above are a handful of common questions. Make a list of your own and they will be answered during our initial call, once a session is booked. 

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