The Empress in Tarot: Upright & Reversed

Shelby Bundy Shelby Bundy
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Card three in the Tarot is The Empress. She follows The High Priestess on the fool's journey and arrives at a time in our path when we are called to lean into the “mothering” archetype.

The Empress Card in Tarot

The Empress sits on her throne in a long, flowing dress. She wears a crown of 12 stars, representing the 12 zodiac signs in the cosmos. She is confident and classy and her door is always open. She carries the universe's energy and is here to nurture, protect and hold space for those in her charge.

She is the warm lap we crawled onto as children when we needed to feel safe from the outside world. She embodies the calming energy of a patient and wise grandmother who is there with a cup of hot tea, freshly baked bread, and an ear for listening.

She is the keeper of the hearth, the creator of the sustenance, and the provider of the warm home on a cold winter night. We meet her on the path of our experience when we need to be reminded to take refuge and connect with the earth, mother nature, and our creativity. She is abundant in all its blessings and is there to support us on our journey. She arrives to remind us to embrace the natural beauty around us and to nurture ourselves and others.

Reversed, this energy can be extreme and represent an overbearing and controlling mothering archetype. Is this you? You may need to be reminded to give space and freedom so your loved ones can grow. The Empress Reversed can also speak to an unsettled home or upheaval in home life. Perhaps there is a change in the family dynamic, and the home isn’t feeling as safe as it should. This card can also appear when the home is literally in upheaval; denoting a change, new project…construction, or moving. Furthermore, this card can indicate a disconnect between creativity and a craving for something more.

Either way, The Empress meets us where we are at to not only envelop us in her energy, but to encourage & support us as we carry this energy with us on our path.

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