The High Priestess in Tarot: Upright & Reversed

Shelby Bundy Shelby Bundy
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The High Priestess Tarot

Card Two in the Tarot is the High Priestess, following The Magician. In the traditional artwork, we see a woman cloaked in blue and white, sitting on her throne between two pillars. Behind her is a curtain of pomegranates and a crescent moon at her feet. She wears a triple moon crown on her head and holds a scroll.

She is the gatekeeper to the spiritual world and our access to the divine feminine. All are welcome. She is not here to turn anyone away; she is simply here to welcome you. When the High Priestess appears on your table, it is a nudge to lean into your spirituality. Whatever is going on in your life that is causing you stress or discomfort, the answers most likely lie in the Divine. This card can appear when we are overworked, tired, or out of balance in our earthly/spiritual scales. Those times when we feel like we cannot get into a good place mentally or emotionally are calls to The High Priestess. Reach out to your deity(s), meditate or pray, and return to your inner alignment. 

Reversed, The High Priestess can speak to a spiritual path that is not working for you or a grave disconnect from self + divine. When this card appears, it is less about being “busy” and more about being disconnected. There is a secretive, shadow side to the High Priestess reversed that appears as a mirror to our inner parts. When she appears this way, take a hard look at the spiritual path you are (or are not) on and have an honest conversation with yourself about how it is working for you.

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